Plymouth Exhibitions: October 2016

Searching for local art events to feed your inner culture-vulture? Hopefully this list will be just the nourishment it needs. Simply read below to see our list for this month’s exhibitions around Plymouth…

3083_JMooney_Who16.jpgJock Mooney, Who Are You & What Do You Want?
Ocean Studios, Factory Cooperage Building, Royal William Yard, PL1 3QQ
(until 20 November 2016)

Come down to Ocean Studios and immerse yourself in the wildly wonderful world of Jock Mooney. In his exhibition, ‘Who Are You & What Do You Want?’, Mooney presents a vivid and playful medley of work. Comprising mainly of sculpture, the show also contains drawings, fabric design, and audio work. Come a little closer and discover beautifully grotesque imagery – from the guillotined head of Marie Antoinette to Janus cats, named after the Roman God who could see both past and future. Similarly, Mooney’s drawings teem with imagery which, with their landscapes of isolation and loss, are unapologetically personal and incredibly intriguing.

14425510_1446190365395804_465712668091329862_o.jpgWinter/Hörbelt, BimBam im Selbst
KARST Gallery, 22 George Place, PL1 3NY
(until 22 October 2016)

Sharing a history of collaboration since 1992 and often known for their outdoor sculptures, Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt will be bringing their structural forms within the gallery environment. BimBam im Selbst alters the aesthetic and social structures of the space, encouraging interaction and participation. This creates an immersive experience for the audience, who are elevated from the role of viewer to partaker. Operating under the title Winter/Hörbelt, the artists have created work that has been both exhibited and commissioned internationally. Combining and expanding the boundaries of sculpture and architecture, their body of work reinvigorates the space in which it exists. BimBam im Selbst offers a combination of both new and adapted works, granting a unique glimpse into the ongoing practice of Winter/Hörbelt.

douglas-gordon-self-portrait-of-you-me-johnny-cash-2010-studio-lost-but-found-dacs-2016-e1471475921490Douglas Gordon, Searching For Genius
Peninsula Art Gallery, Plymouth University
(until 19 November 2016)

Peninsular Arts Gallery is currently showcasing a selection of work by Turner Prize-winning artist, Douglas Gordon. Searching For Genius brings together selected pieces from the series Self-Portrait of You + Me alongside film installation. The portraits feature singed famous faces uncovering a reflecting mirror below, which invokes both a sense of fallibility and the sinister into the famed.


This is Now: Film & Video After Punk
Gallery at Plymouth College of Art
(until 26 October 2016)

This is Now presents artists’ film and video from the post-punk era in the UK. The period, between 1978 and 1985, saw an explosion in alternative and experimental filmmaking amongst clubbers, art students, new romantics and members of the post-punk scene, who embraced cheap new domestic technologies and used them to bold and uncompromising effect. The exhibition brings together a selection of work by artists and filmmakers including John Maybury, Cerith Wyn Evans and The Neo-Naturists that explore themes such as identity, performance, and technology.


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